Borderlands & Brexitlands

An approximately 500km long, invisible line separates the Republic of Ireland from Northern Ireland. The border cuts through pastures, rivers, lakes, bogs, villages and petrol stations. Unfortunately, the construction of walls and fences has experienced an unexpected boom in recent years, but on the Irish island, the border is barely visible. The change from miles to kilometres on signs, or the disappearance of road markings are often the only indicators when crossing the border. This fortunate situation is known to have a bloody past and it is threatened by Brexit. These photographs depict how a border is made; Someone comes, puts up a pair of poles and tucks a rope between them.


This series is a conceptual documentary on the current state (October 2019) of the British border on the Irish island. The simple concept consists of two poles with a rope tucked between them and setup on the border with the rope parallel to the borderline. the POV is also parallel to the borderline, creating the feeling of looking over a fence into a neighbouring garden. To highlight the artificial setup of borderlines, the poles were chosen to be similar to ones seen at club entrances or VIP lobbies. This concept gives the main stage to the landscapes and surroundings of the border, to visualise the actual situation of the border and to give the abstract concept of borderline a concrete counterpart.

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