This page gives an overview of my past projects, affiliations and upcoming events. Click the links to read more about my work.


analogueNOW! (Click e.V.)

Founded in 2013, analogueNOW! is a nonprofit organization for the flourishment of contemporary analogue photography.  From the curation of exhibitions to darkroom and photography workshops AN! creates learning and exhibition opportunities for artists and photographers from beginner to professional levels. >>>AN!

Neuköllner Salon e.V.

The Salon is a young institution for art and culture rooted in Neukölln Berlin. With exhibitions and lectures on contemporary art, the Salon is a space for young curatorship and artists. >>>Neukölnner Salon

Fotoklub Kollektiv Berlin-Neukölln

FK Kollektiv was a collective of young photographers in Berlin with weekly crit sessions and group exhibitions, it was disbanded in 2022. >>>FK Kollektiv

Recent News

TRANSITION – Group Exhibition Analogue Photography

Fotogalerie Friedrichshain and analogueNOW! are pleased to announce their first curatorial collaboration: an international group exhibition on the theme “Transition” that will open in September.

2. September to 28. October

If the notion of transition is inherent in all forms of life, our present days seem to be characterized by an acceleration of history, so that some transitions once only observable with the distance of time now seem to be perceptible on the scale of a human’s lifetime. This exhibition is intended as a moment of deceleration, a breath necessary to think about recent and ongoing transitions.

Andy Mattern. Céline Pilch. Cristina Fontsare. Filippo Bardazzi. Fiona Howarth. Fred Johnsson. Fungi. Ilja Niederkirchner. Jette Held. Kate Schultze. Ken Buslay. Kerstin Pfleger. Lorenz Kienzle. Mila Panic. Nanténé Traoré. Natalia Kepesz. Nuno Serrão. Theo Godmann.

Curators: Clara Stein. Thomas Ming-Hui Stanka. Urizen Freaza. Claire Ducresson-Boët. Felix Hawran.

Heinz Staab – Living Archive

The exhibition features photographs of amateur photographer Heinz Staab from the 1960s to the 1990s. Staab’s Alzheimer’s illness led to his collection of camera and photographic equipment, as well as all his negatives, ending up as an estate in the hands of his daughter. Through the support of analogueNOW! in the administration of the estate, the idea of a charity exhibition was born. The goal of the exhibition is to raise funds for the Alzheimer Gesellschaft Berlin e.V. For this purpose we collaborted with Jochen Rohner, who made new darkroom prints from Staab’s negatives. The Exhibition is part of 48h Neukölln 2022.

Jury member for Rotlicht Festival 2022

For the second edition of Rotlicht Festival Vienna, a group exhibition will be curated showcasing contemporary analog photography in all sujets and topics. The Open Call deadline is 31.07.2022. The jury is made up of members of european analog photography festivals and other photography experts.

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Workshop days at GRASSI MUSEUM Leipzig

Complementing the ANALOG TOTAL exhibition at GRASSI Museum for applied arts Leipzig, analogueNOW! organizes workshops and presentaions. 02.-03.04.2022. >>>GRASSI MUSEUM

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Helsinki Darkroom Festival – Panel Talk

The panel featured several analog photography festivals and organizations. I joined the panel as the representative for analogueNOW! Together we discussed our common goals and struggles of organizing a photography festival and our future ambitions.

Guest article in PhotoKlassik 1/2022

With the title „Creativity needs Agency“ the article reviews the links between technology and creative freedom in photography. With focus on analogue photography and its revival. >>>PhotoKlassik

Speaker at Berlin Photo Week 2021

The talk explored contemporary trends in analogue photography and their historical roots. >>>BPW

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analogueNOW! PhotoWeekend 2021

The analogueNOW! PhotoWeekend is a biennial festival for analogue photography in Berlin. The Program included an international group exhibition, workshops, traders fair and presentations. [read more]